Spellbook Nostalgia

I’ve been meaning to write a book on my spirituality for a while now; it’s appeared on my New Year’s resolutions list since 2008 at least. But I never anticipated how hard it would be to pull all my studies, practices, and knowledge together to create a practical manual/personal memoir. So to facilitate this endeavor, I’ve decided to re-read the first pagan book I ever bought, The Only Wiccan Spellbook You’ll Ever Need. Looking at it now, I see some of the hilarity of the text, but at the time when I first read it, it was a powerful tome, opening up to me a whole new realm of spirituality that I never before imagined. I was all of 13 or 14 years then. While my studies within Wicca were relatively short-lived, and I find the premise of this book and so many others to be highly questionable, there is no doubt in my mind that it holds a special place in my heart and was the literary beginning of my search for a personal spirituality. Hopefully, re-reading and drawing inspiration from this book will help me to better understand where to start and where to go with my own.


Spring Cleaning

For me, spring cleaning is starting here, on the good ole’ interwebs. I’ve been meaning to get writing about my spirituality (a form of CR), my thoughts on parenting and religion (first baby’s coming in September), and some craftings, rites, and recipes. So here I am, attempting to clear out the mental clutter that seems to work its way into my brain every winter. But now the weather seems to be turning around, the snow is melting, and I’m getting more energized (thank you, second trimester)! Got all the potted plants sitting in the bright sunshine and started a more frequent watering cycle to bring them back from hibernation, made it into the veggie garden this past weekend between rainshowers to turn the soil, and as long as this weekend’s weather follows the forecast, we should start digging for the expanded garden. So its time to break out all the house and garden blessings for the spring, set up the new garden altars, and begin the composting/offerings again for a healthy bounty. Also with the coming of this baby, its time to start researching and writing any rites for quickening and birth, along with teaching CR and hedgecraft from the get go. Time to get down and dirty with it, again.