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My Prayer for Today

I’m not usually one to pray, other than during offering or rites times, but today I woke up with one on the brain. I generally don’t sleep well (combination of kids crawling in bed and anxiety with no real coping skills), but I went to bed really early feeling like I might be coming down with something. I probably slept about 11 hours last night, and my dreams were first really strange, then terrifying. I’m very disturbed by what my country is doing along our southern border, but I don’t know how I can effectively help. So my last dream was of being in a car with my husband and children and a few other people, surrounded by police officers with guns, being falsely accused of something, and just thinking “How do I get my kids out of this alive?!” This is the thought I woke up with, and I am sure it is echoed by hundreds of parents coming to this country now. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

I am a white, cis, straight, college-educated, middle-class woman, and I have a mountain of privilege. Because of this, I feel like it is my responsibility to serve those who do not have these same opportunities and securities as myself. Its a big part of why I work in social services, second only to my spiritual beliefs. Nearly all of my education, work, and volunteerism specifically focuses on children and families, and this situation that my country has created and continues to engage in, is sickening. So while I’m calling my representatives (because its the only thing I can think to do from Ohio), I will be praying as well.

“Brighid, inspire

 Morrigan, smite

 Dagda, shield

 Lugh, fight”

Without our Gods, I don’t believe we have the strength as a people to change the course we are on.


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