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Growing Up when the Gods Strike Us Down

The oft repeated phrase "Everyone makes mistakes" is one of the most annoying and trite things to hear or say. I use it  several times a week with my kids, because every kid should grow up hearing it and master the eyeroll of disdain (ugh, Mom, you say that all the time!). Parents, you feel… Continue reading Growing Up when the Gods Strike Us Down

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Who Leaves the Seeds?

My four year old is convinced that every hole or pit we see in the yard leads to a Totoro. If you haven't seen it (and rock have you been under for the past 30 years), My Neighbor Totoro is a Japanese animated film from Studio Ghibli about a young family that moves to the… Continue reading Who Leaves the Seeds?

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My Prayer for Today

I'm not usually one to pray, other than during offering or rites times, but today I woke up with one on the brain. I generally don't sleep well (combination of kids crawling in bed and anxiety with no real coping skills), but I went to bed really early feeling like I might be coming down… Continue reading My Prayer for Today

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Starling Update

Well, we're bonded. The husband keeps pushing for a soft release, but I just don't think she's scared enough to survive in the wild. She hates him, but so do most of our animals (he's not mean or anything, just isn't an animal person, and they sense that). But we need a name. The boys… Continue reading Starling Update

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Ugh, Summer Break…

We are one week in, and I'm already losing it. The oldest came out with "I'm bored" on Day 2, and the youngest... well, he feeds off everyone around him. I'm already rationalizing with myself that this is why I went back to work; but when that work is school-based, we end up having the… Continue reading Ugh, Summer Break…

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Bird Is The Word

I've been working to get back into a regular practice, which is hard for me. I'm very bad at holding myself accountable, and if I don't have some form of external checks, its near impossible for me to form a habit. What that looks like now is I'm super organized with work and school, but… Continue reading Bird Is The Word