Spellbook Nostalgia

I’ve been meaning to write a book on my spirituality for a while now; it’s appeared on my New Year’s resolutions list since 2008 at least. But I never anticipated how hard it would be to pull all my studies, practices, and knowledge together to create a practical manual/personal memoir. So to facilitate this endeavor, I’ve decided to re-read the first pagan book I ever bought, The Only Wiccan Spellbook You’ll Ever Need. Looking at it now, I see some of the hilarity of the text, but at the time when I first read it, it was a powerful tome, opening up to me a whole new realm of spirituality that I never before imagined. I was all of 13 or 14 years then. While my studies within Wicca were relatively short-lived, and I find the premise of this book and so many others to be highly questionable, there is no doubt in my mind that it holds a special place in my heart and was the literary beginning of my search for a personal spirituality. Hopefully, re-reading and drawing inspiration from this book will help me to better understand where to start and where to go with my own.