Such a Terrible Blogger

I’m such a terrible blogger. I go months and months without posting, it’s awful. But we move on. Busyness has ensued in these past couple of months; leaving one job and starting two others, teaching art (yay!), and entering into the “terrible-twos” stage with our son (judge my parenting skills all you want, but it exists and it sucks).

The garden has suffered majorly; all my radishes went to seed before I managed to pull them, and the spinach bolted pretty early. My husband told me the other day, “You know what we aren’t? Gardeners.” And sadly, I have to agree with him for the moment. Our garden is a mess, things didn’t get planted on time, weeds didn’t get pulled, and this weather just makes me want to stay indoors. I hate mugginess and heat. We had later frosts, and then, BAM!, the summer hit. Drought last year, and lots of rain this year. Bleck! It also doesn’t help that I have to pack up my son and drive to get to my garden.

And these chickens, my goodness how they grew! We never got more than the 17 chicks we purchased back in March, and that’s ok, since there were 10 roosters in that mix. So we’re off to the farm this afternoon to pick the one we want to keep, and the rest will be getting processed July 12th. We had also picked up some cast-off Easter ducks back in May, and found out this week there are 3 drakes and only one hen, so two of those big boys will be off to the processor as well. I’ve dubbed them Thanksgiving and Christmas, so now I have a time frame in which to learn how cook duck. I don’t feel as bad about them, they aren’t friendly like the chickens. But I know what these fowl ate, how they were treated, and I am grateful for the meals they will provide for our family. Anything to lessen our dependence on the food industry and our contributions to inhumanely raised and butchered animals.

Why should I care about what, where, and how my meat is and came from? The more removed people become from their food, the less real food they eat. And the less grateful they are for that food. When people disassociate the feathered, squawking creature with the frozen bag of breasts at Walmart, they lose respect for the life that was given to preserve theirs. And if there is no respect for something, why be sustainable? There will always be more in the freezer. But when you come at it first-hand, there’s an emotional-spiritual obligation to that thing, because you are the one who took the only thing it had, it’s life, for yourself. Are you really going to just throw it out? Wanton killing and destruction; whether of people, livestock, or crops, characterizes many of the most politically tumultuous times in man’s history. It’s a mindset that relegates the killer to more worthwhile being than the victim.

It’s a mindset that I experience with many religious types. The idea that first comes their specific branch of whatever religion, then comes the members of that religion, then comes the rest of the world. The more I hear people speak about the atrocities that are currently being visited upon this religious group by that other religious group, yet with no accountability taken by the first religious group for any ill they have ever committed upon anyone else, the more disgusted with “religion” I become. Why on earth would anyone ever choose to associate their spiritual beliefs with self-righteous, hate-filled people (unless, they too, are self-righteous and hate-filled)? I would like to start exploring and explaining more on what drove me to where I am now, why I don’t join “religious” groups, and how I really am finding true spiritual fullness in the path I am on today.