Religion vs. Spirituality: The Great Debate

So recently I’ve been attending a Christian church on Sundays, and noticed they seem to be stuck in a place right now that most dogmatic religious folk are but few seem to ever want to confront; the questioning of what their spiritual beliefs are versus what their religious mind sets tell them to be. And I have found myself standing there too, though not really too much in recent years. But listening to their dilemma, it forced time to reflect on myself. What can I claim to be without lying to others and myself? My personal spiritual beliefs have undergone a major overhaul within the past couple of years, and I feel like I’ve done pretty good at not fighting against it. But now is the time to reflect back on those changes and what they have done to me. Three years ago, I readily identified as a Celtic Recon, albeit a pretty linguistically challenged one, but is that truly accurate? And as someone who was working through The Dedicant’s Path put out by Ar nDraiocht Fein, how do I reconcile the more religious/structured practices (such as setting up altars, structured rites, chants, etc…) with the personal spirituality that I hold to be the highest form of worship? And how am I to fit my prior hedgecraft practices into my new system? And where does culture, both past and present, fit into the religion-spiritual mix?