This Blog is Terrible (But Samhain is Coming!)

For anyone reading my ramblings, I really must apologize for how awful my blog looks. The sad thing is, I work in design (I know, yikes!). Sadly, while this little project is usually dearest to my heart, it often gets pushed to the side for the bigger, more important projects. My dear, wonderful husband (who I could happily flail for this) decided to move everything around in our shared office space, and completely disrupt all of my organization (even though I work solely out of the house, while he doesn’t). So for the past two months, very little progress has happened on any of my projects. I have laid plans however, to free myself some time to really get down and reorganize everything, which will hopefully lead to a prettier, better blog and more content. I also spent much of August praying to the porcelain god after having found out we are expecting another baby in April. To all the women who work through severe morning sickness, bless you, you are an inspiration to us all. And the one’s who don’t understand just how terrible this can be, I loathe and envy you. I was never this sick with A, to the point where I couldn’t function.

But autumn is finally here in Ohio (yay!), and that means Samhain is coming!! Sorry, we didn’t celebrate Mabon, A’s birthday usually falls on the first day of autumn, and I’m still wiped out from his party last Sunday (2-year-old birthday parties are surprisingly demanding). Since Mabon isn’t one of my “big” holidays, it kind of gets swept under the rug (also, I’m lazy and I hate balancing more than I have to). But I am gearing up for our first Samhain celebration as a family! I’m such a backslider pagan, I was always on top of the holidays before having a family, but these past two years have just been figuring out parenthood and marriage. I did tell myself when A was two or three, I would begin teaching him about my spiritual beliefs, because while I want him to be well-rounded, I do want to instill morals and values from my spirituality. Obviously, I think they’re important. So E (my husband) and I will be spending some time discussing our approach to raising A in our separate spiritualities without feelings of condemnation and guilt. But I’ve started planning our Samhain festivities, and am planning on recording much of what we do to share online. Keep an eye out sometime between Nov. 2 and Nov. 9 for that (though I hope to have some more posts before then).

Hopefully I will get into a more disciplined routine of posting, and this blog will look better by the end of next week. Now I need some pumpkin coffee and to start cleaning my office.


Religion vs. Spirituality: The Great Debate

So recently I’ve been attending a Christian church on Sundays, and noticed they seem to be stuck in a place right now that most dogmatic religious folk are but few seem to ever want to confront; the questioning of what their spiritual beliefs are versus what their religious mind sets tell them to be. And I have found myself standing there too, though not really too much in recent years. But listening to their dilemma, it forced time to reflect on myself. What can I claim to be without lying to others and myself? My personal spiritual beliefs have undergone a major overhaul within the past couple of years, and I feel like I’ve done pretty good at not fighting against it. But now is the time to reflect back on those changes and what they have done to me. Three years ago, I readily identified as a Celtic Recon, albeit a pretty linguistically challenged one, but is that truly accurate? And as someone who was working through The Dedicant’s Path put out by Ar nDraiocht Fein, how do I reconcile the more religious/structured practices (such as setting up altars, structured rites, chants, etc…) with the personal spirituality that I hold to be the highest form of worship? And how am I to fit my prior hedgecraft practices into my new system? And where does culture, both past and present, fit into the religion-spiritual mix?