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Growing Up when the Gods Strike Us Down

The oft repeated phrase "Everyone makes mistakes" is one of the most annoying and trite things to hear or say. I use it  several times a week with my kids, because every kid should grow up hearing it and master the eyeroll of disdain (ugh, Mom, you say that all the time!). Parents, you feel… Continue reading Growing Up when the Gods Strike Us Down

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A Good Rain

After dinner this evening, my little guy and I were out in our back yard. He was riding his bike around our patio, while I was chilling on Pinterest. It started to get dark fairly quickly, the thunderstorm that had been called for all day finally showed up. I had enough time to get my… Continue reading A Good Rain

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Exploring Liminality; An Intro

Recently I read The Well of D'yerree-in-Dowan, in which three brothers are sent out to find a sacred well at the end of the world which would heal their father, and whichever brother brought back the water from this well would follow as king. After reaching the first crossroad, only one brother ventured forth, while… Continue reading Exploring Liminality; An Intro