Being Thankful… All the Time!

So I realize Thanksgiving was, what, three weeks ago, and I never posted anything about it. But that’s okay, because even though it’s wonderful to set aside a day to give thanks for all that we have and the people we share our lives with, we should be celebrating and honoring all those things and people EVERYDAY. And right now, while we’re right around the half-way point between America’s two largest holidays, let’s take a moment to be thankful for the people we love, and take joy in celebrating our lives with them. I love this time of year; it seems like joy is infectious. But after the New Year is done, we all seem to come down from the Christmas/Thanksgiving high, and go back to being cantankerous old farts. This is one of the reasons I feel personal spiritual practices are so important; when we make time for our own beliefs, we make time to really focus on the things most important to us. Feeling obligated to participate in the same weekly ritual established by someone else doesn’t really force you to reflect on your beliefs, or to grow as a spiritual person. It’s just a mindless droning, which we need sometimes, but it’s stagnant, it lingers, it doesn’t compel us to do mighty things in our lives. But personal spiritual practices are first hard to establish, and then hard to stick too. I’m as bad as anyone when it comes to that, I “let life get in the way”. But life shouldn’t get in the way, our spirituality should get in the way of our lives. We should set out to live our beliefs every day in the things we do, and the way we interact with the world. And when we can do this, when we learn to walk thankfully through each and every day, then we will know bliss.

Happy Holidays, anyone who actually reads this. Whatever holiday you celebrate (we do a secular Christmas, and I am planning for a minor Yuletide).